MASTIV was Formed in the spring of 2008 by Steve Thiriot (Vox/Keys), with founding members Chris Whitney (Guitar/Vox) Lance Isbell (Drums), and Chris Meyer (Bass) They created a very unique style of metal, welding together elements of Hard Rock, Thrash, Metalcore, and Trance. After a few line up changes, adding Jonathan Rojas, (Lead Guitar/Vox) George Russell, (Drums) & Nick Langlois, (Rhythm Guitar) in 2012, MASTIV played many successful shows including opening for FEAR FACTORY.

Plans were in the works to revive MASTIV with all original members in spring 2015 when sadly, founding member Lance Isbell passed away from a heart attack in July of 2015. 

In fall of 2016 Steve Thiriot reached out to founding Members Chris Whitney, and Chris Meyer, to reform MASTIV and honor they're fallen band mate. Both were unable to commit due to other important obligations. Chris and Chris gave Steve they're blessing to continue on.

November 2016 started the rebirth of MASTIV. Steve invited long time friend James Hoover (Drums) to join him on this new chapter of MASTIV adding Nikki Rangel (Bass) and for a short time Del Vaught (Guitar)

In July of 2017 MASTIV Added Madzilla (Lead Guitar) and Dane Haws (Rhythm Guitar) to complete the missing pieces of the puzzle and the current line up of MASTIV.

Madzilla left MASTIV in November 2018.



DANE HAWS - Rhythm Guitar

Dane picked up a guitar when he was 12 years old. The guitar belonged to his sister. After developing an interest he started by learning and playing along with songs by bands such as; Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, ACDC and others. After starting middle school his musical taste evolved to a more heavier sound leading him to learn songs by bands such as; Korn, System of a down, Pantera, Static X, Fear Factory and others. After working at his first job Dane saved enough cash to purchase his first guitar for himself which was a Schecter C-1 Diamond series. After high school Dane's musical interest evolved again, as he learned songs and picked up methods derived by bands such as; Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Chimaira and Arch enemy which shaped his personal style. After a solid 5 - 6 years of playing Metal, MetalCore, and Death Metal Music he Joined the Marine Corps and was enlisted for 9 years. During this time his musical career slowed down significantly. In late 2013 after returning home from a combat tour in Afganistan Dane repurchased music equipment and began playing again as a form of therapy against stress from military service. In early October of 2017 Dane auditioned with MASTIV and is now their Rhythm Guitarist.


James music path began at age 6. Music was a way of life in his family. He would listen and learned from his father who also was a drummer. One of James jobs was to upkeep the music equipment. As he got older he started helping set up equipment at the clubs learning anything about music for his fathers band from setting in on drums, to sound checking instruments . In James teens he fell in love with metal music. He started playing bass guitar along with his little brother then moved on to drums. In his 20s he moved to Sin City. James played and toured with some great bands. James played in every genre and era of music, from Spanish Rock, Country, New Wave, Underground and MetalCore. Meeting up with long time friend Steve Thiriot, James joined MASTIV in 2016.


Nikki’s music knowledge started at the age of 9, playing the violin for the school orchestra. From there she moved to the piano and taking lessons for about 6 years. Soon after, her love for the alternative rock and grunge music of the 90s made her want to learn the guitar. After a few high school and college guitar classes she continued to occasionally play the guitar and piano recreationally. All the while learning and listening to many genres of music and admiring her favorite bands, National and a Local.Fast forward many years, she received the opportunity to learn the Bass with a local band and possibly become a member. Being it a dream of hers to play with a band, she jumped at the chance. She practiced hard, learned songs and helped write new ones. She became a proud member of an amazing group of people. That band is MASTIV!


Steve started his musical pursuits as leader of Las Vegas cult hero's Better Off Dead in 1999. Playing countless shows with highlights that included opening for Mudvayne, Media Lab, and 40 Grit. During this time, Steve met and made friend with James Hoover, as each others band's played multiple shows together. After Better Off Dead disbanded in 2004, Steve formed the menacing Dead Element, which signed a record deal with indie label Jetspeed Records out of Los Angeles. Following his tenure with Dead Element, Steve attended audio engineering school and built Riot Studios in 2007. He started a short lived recording project called Cynthetic where he met Lance Isbell. Steve formed MASTIV in the spring of 2008.